Gajendra Khurasane- The Birthday Boy 20 Nov 2018

Dear Gaju - The Birthday Boy!

I actually feel uneasy to use title 'Gaju' to greet


I love and will love forever to call you 'Tilu' only! But recently I have discovered that many of your close buddies in your x-colleges and industry use to call you 'Gaju', so I am!

Whilst memory of motivational letter of yours written for me on an occasion of my thirty second birthday is fresh in my brain, just in a span of week, I'm getting a chance to write back these words for you to greet you on an occasion of thirty second birthday of yours!

Here I'm not going to put lights on your skills in my usual fashion, like I generally use to do, as every single aspect of your character is already enlightened. And just like beloved Chetan said, its simply impossible for someone to comprehend depth of sheer all-round personnel you possess. So on this occasion, I'm taking this moment to remember almost thirty years of togetherness of ours, that tight bond of friendship we had among two of us and quick life journey of yours!

When I look back,

I remember you as a smart, brilliant, top ranker in your division having sharp mathematical skills.

The way you had managed your unfortunate health issues in your childhood to give justice to your brilliance were genuinely admirable.

You were a only guy in our class to conquer that very famous scholar ship title in our fourth, still clearly remember your proud and joyous face while collecting prizes and praises against that achievement of yours.

Time tightened bond of our friendship when we two started our highshool. Because of alphabetic closeness of 'K' in Khurasane and 'L' in Lahoti, we used to share successive benches in every single exam in that period of six years of our secondary school! Well, we really should give credit to one another for shared answers in every exam in that period of half dozen years. That sharing allowed us to rely on one another during exams to avoid any unnecessary burdens!

(Many a times, I use to remember and share our that epic 'kissa' of unit exam when we're in sixth. I can't control to text the same over here too!
It was an unit test paper of an English and we're sharing our benches with two, kinda dumb guys, of standard fifth. Our hearts got melt by their frequent requests to answer their questions. Both of us mutually decided to take their papers and stopped only after making sure that they both will get twenty out of twenty! Dont have words to write down drama happened later when results got declared, as they two stood first in their class only in English subject by obtaining out of marks in a comparison with their single figures in rest of the subjects LOL!)

Tilu, during the period of school days, I always use to remain amazed to see depth of your knowledge regarding general happenings around you. You had a amazing knowledge_base of such things. Perhaps possible reason behind this could be your genuine involvement in your hotel business which was located in crowded area. It had really helped to install ton of experiences in different domains altogether on your brain which hidden installation would have been helping you indirectly when you surf around societies in present too.

In next half of secondary school, I remember most of our time was ruled by thoughts regarding game of volleyball itself! High left handed service was specialty of yours! Whatsapp statuses of 'Serving Tilu Having Ball In Hand' in recent days of this sporty use to refresh my memories.

In a time, when visiting cities like Satara, Pune was itself a proud feeling for us, I remember you had visited and spent a time in spiritual place of 'Mount Abu' in Rajasthan! That first long individual trip of yours installed love for traveling in you and today we see passionate_traveler in yours!

Since childhood, you grew in a spiritual environment of Brahmakumaris, which surely has helped to boost spiritual and so emotional quotient of yours. That quotient is undoubtedly helping you to push you ahead to help any single individual who seeks any sort of help from you. I can bet that there will be plenty of folks around who would have admired you for such sort of help and sympathy from you!

I'm also taking this moment to thank you for arranging a tour of ours to that 'Supreme Place of Peace' few years back. We're amazed to experience tour planning skills of this tour_planner in that seven days tour to Rajasthan!

Years of ninth and tenth were actually egg-breaking years for us so can't write much about those over here socially! ;)

You passed board exam of tenth in distinction and both of us admitted in YC college of Science for further education. Guess it was a up-down first year for you and we remained roommates in a second year of these two. You were master in memorizing definitions and answers! Serious efforts along with room funs helped us to bring in satisfactory scores in twelth. Later this year, time put us on completely two different academic routes, you opted pharma and I opted computers!

I still clearly remember confusion of yours while choosing to D-Pharm after hsc. You were more inclined towards doing doctorate by taking admission in Dharwad, no? But guess you were destined to be a pharma_guy and opted to do diploma in pharmacy. After completing diploma, I remember that you took admission for doing bachelors degree in the same. College allowed you direct admission in second year and by end of this year they denied your appearance for second year exam and ridiculously asked you to start from scratch by spoiling two important years of your career! This was a something that should never happen to any individual at any point in life!

Due to this weird experience, you opted to quit pharmacy and took admission in most reputed college i.e. none other than Ferguson for pursuing BSc! And since then this guy fall in a love of Puna city and proudly call himself as a Punekar! By his fortune, he got a chance to live in heart of this mighty city indeed i.e. none other than in a Sadashiv peth, years of stay in this epic peth allows him to proudly introduce himself as a Pethkar too!

After completing Bsc in Ferguson, now it was a time to do a masterate! And again you bagged an another well known college to do the same i.e. none other than MIT. During this period, we have heard that you had ton of affairs, affairs in the sense general social involvements with friends, collegues, relatives, which helped you to explore every single aspect of city to help to stronger your bonding towards it! Being pethkari and a guy sharing 'matha', you have also managed to build ur high_class_friend_circle! Today, you can go to your collector friend's office to sip a cup of tea or can call your sp friend to your place to test biryani of SP! In short, there isn't a field left in which you don't have close connection of yours!

After bagging a title of Master in Business Administration from MIT in marketing domain, to stick with beloved pharma industry, you opted to show your marketing skills under big titles like Emcure, Zydus etc and explored rather exploring every single aspect of pharma marketing industry. It has helped you to build your network importantly in healthcare domain!

Tilu, during this span of almost three decades, the way you have lived your life is undoubtedly an example. You've given a justice to every single role that you have played so far. Then it may of a die hard friend in you, loving son in you, mature and responsible younger brother in you or that dedicated pharma marketing guy in you. I'm luckiest guy to have closest friend kam brother kinda you. I know that this passed birth year was how important for you. Mate, you have owned_your_own_house in this year, achieved one of the most important goals for anyone in his life! Now you're all set to achieve your next goal in this coming season, we're curiously awaiting to see that lucky girl who will be blessed to share your life as_your_better_half!

Have a great birthday altogether and have a fabulous year ahead bro!!! ?

We Love You, Just Be You!!!


D For Darshan

ता.. फोटो जरा कोथरूड स्टाईल आहे राजे, चालवून घेणे!


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