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Had a great tour to China last week! Excitement was of course at its peak coz it was first ever step on a foreign soil!

We did mainly three cities in 5 days - Foshan, Gaonzaon and Shenzhen, and yes, interesting one night hault on the Singapore airport!

Weather was pleasant, temperature drifting somewhere around 30 degrees.

Sounded awesome, clean, disciplined country altogether where people work smart, hard, creative and mostly minding their own businesses!

Women manage ninety percent of the stores, surprisingly markets were damn cold, we hardly noticed customers in stores!

People smoke a lott, in evenings you will hardly find a guy raoming on a street without having cigarette residing on his lip!

Based on a information we did get from resources people hardly get sick may be a reason because consumption of salt and sugar is minimal!

Its tough to find a neck which is not engaged in cell, wechat rules smartphones, people prefer voice notes over text typos!

still in a summary quality of life is comparatively better in this biggest non-democratic country, although government owns every land and shelter!

चायना जाके आया भाई 
फर्स्ट टाइम एव्हर इन हिज लाईफ!
बंबई मे से पकडी फ्लाईट 
सिंगापूर की एअर लाईन्स! 
सर्व्हिस बिर्व्हिस एकदम ओके 
देखी हॉस्टेस उड गये तोते! 
विंडो मे से फोटो खिचे 
जब आ गये क्लाउड्स 
फ्लाईट के नीचे! 
देखते देखते सिंगापूर आया 
चंगी एअर पोर्ट सॉलिड भाया! 
चायनीज रेस्टो मे खाना खाया
एअरपोर्ट पेच अपुन फुलनाईट सोया!
अर्ली मॉर्निंग छे बजे उठा
फ्रेश होके बी टेन गाठा!
आठ बजे की थी फ्लाईट
चायना आनेवाला था इन साईट!
चार घंटे मे गोंझाव आया
रखतेही फर्स्ट स्टेप दिल भर आया!
एअरपोर्ट से बाहर निकला
बसमे बैठ के फोशान पोहचा!
हॉटेल पार्कलेन था थ्री स्टार
पच्चीस फ्लोअर्स फुल शानदार!
चेक इन करके आया मार्केट
तीन चार घन्टे मारी रपेट!
इंडियन रेस्टो मे डिनर किया
चायना मे फर्स्ट नाईट घोडे बेच के सोया! 

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